Freedom Praise Band

40 Years: Remembering (The Story)

My wife, Laura, who is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) will tell you that everyone expresses their grief in different ways.  I guess mine has always been through music.  On my current project, '40 Years: Remembering' (2015), there are two songs written in response to the death of a loved one:  'Change the World' was written in 2008 after our good friend, Harold Tinsley, Jr. died.  And,    'There Will Be A Day' was written in 2009 after my dad, Alejandro (Al) Cavazos died after a 10 year battle with Alzheimer's Disease.  In addition, the track 'Remembering' is a song that Laura and I wrote for the Children's Bereavement Center's annual gala in 2014. 

My dad was very instrumental in my Music Ministry career at Lackland Air Force Base, which has now spanned 40 years!  As a 16 year old high school student, I was looking for a church to play/sing at.  My dad was active duty Air Force and at the time was stationed at Lackland AFB.  Upon my request, he made some phone calls and I was invited to use my talents at what the time was, Chapel #7 (Hope Chapel).  That was forward to 2015 and I am still on the Music Ministry staff, only now I am at Freedom Chapel.  To make it even sweeter, my oldest son, Jacob is also on the Music Ministry staff at Freedom Chapel, where he plays Electric Guitar!  Our second child, Josh also spent 10 years on the Music Ministry staff at Lackland AFB, playing keyboards at Gateway Chapel for the airmen.  It seems as though our youngest son, Ben is following suit!  He often times plays drums for the services! 

So, when it came time to celebrate my 40 years as Music Minister at Lackland AFB, I could think of no better way than putting together a compilation project of songs written during my career at Lackland AFB.  But for me, that wasn't enough...ever since my dad died in 2009, I've been wanting to find a way to honor him and help the Alzheimer's Association, who do so much to bring awareness to the disease. So, that 's when the Benefit Concert idea was born! 

One simple phone call to Meg Barron, Director of the Local Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association, led to a full blown Benefit Concert which will be held at the Alamo Ice House, 802 N. Alamo, 78215 on Saturday, September 19, 2015, beginning at 7:00 pm!   

What is super cool is that my son, Jacob will also be playing with the Nathan Mathis Band!  In addition, my son, Josh will also be playing a set!  Plus, I'm sure that you'll see our youngest, Ben (who will turn 12 right before the concert) playing percussion/drums that night too!  Can't guarantee it, but I'll even try to get our daughter, Rebekah on stage too!

The compilation project that I spoke of, '40 Years: Remembering' is now in production and will be made available exclusively at the Benefit Concert. I want to add that ALL proceeds will go to the Alzheimer's Association!  It will truly be,       'A Night to Remember'!    

Finally, I want to thank Meg Barron and her staff at the Alzheimer's Association; all the musicians/singers who will be donating their time/talent; the tech crew led by our good buddy, Elvis, who will be providing the sound; the Alamo Ice House for being gracious enough to allow us to host this special event at their facility; my family and friends for all their love, prayers and support!

We hope to see each and every one of you at the Benefit Concert in memory of my dad and as a tribute to all who are touched by Alzheimer's Disease.