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'That's What My Grandma Said' is an accompaniment song to the delightful storybook, It's Too Windy by Multi-Award Winning Author Patty York Raymond. It's Too Windy is about family and how establishing long lasting traditions leads to developing close family ties that last a lifetime. Hooray! Yeah! Yippee! Yahoo! Jessica and David can't wait to swim in the grandparents' pool. But how long will they have to wait? The readers will relish the repetitive text and the rhyming words throughout the story. They will also have numerous inferencing opportunities in order to determine if inclement weather is the reason why their grandmother doesn't let them get into the pool or if she has ulterior reasons. The bluesy beat of 'That's What My Grandma Said' will offer the children a chance to sing and dance as they sequence the events of the book.

Don't forget to check out 'Take Me to the Ranch'. It is an accompaniment song to the lovable storybook, The ABCs to Ranching by Multi-Award Winning Author Patty York Raymond. The ABCs to Ranching is a cultural perspective on ranching in South Texas. It is a humorous account of a mischievous young boy determined to help his father with the chores. "Let's go," he yells to his Catahoula Cowdog as his father warns him not to get underfoot. With one mishap after another, the young boy develops an appreciation for nature and a strong connection to his father and their heritage-all centered on the alphabet. Children will enjoy singing and dancing to the country beat of 'Take Me to the Ranch'!

Patty York Raymond is a native of Laredo, Texas. She earned her M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education from the University of Houston and her Administration and Supervision from Texas A&M International University. Patty has enjoyed working with children, families, and educators in a variety of roles including social worker, teacher and administrator. She is an independent education consultant as well as owner/director of Abrazo Case Management Services for Children and Pregnant Women.

Credits for 'That's What My Grandma Said' include the following:

Songwriters: Eddie Cavazos, Cavazos Music and Patty York Raymond, Patty Raymond Books
Lead Vocals: Eddie Cavazos
Harmony/Background Vocals: Paula Pollock
Acoustic Guitar: Eddie Cavazos
Piano/Keys: Josh Cavazos
Electric Guitar: Jacob Cavazos
Drums: Juan Mendoza
Bass: Javier Garcia
Producer/Engineer: John Pollock, WaveMaker Recording Studio
Executive Producer: Patty York Raymond
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Read what people are saying about Patty:

"What a joy to collaborate with Patty on the song, 'That's What My Grandma Said' for her book It's Too Windy! Her wonderful words had the music practically leaping off the page!"---Eddie Cavazos, Cavazos Music

"Thank you for inspiring and promoting literacy to all children. Your writing and presentations encourage even those with learning differences to pick up a book and read. I applaud you!"--- Zulie Y. Hinojosa, Dyslexia Teacher United Independent School District

"Patty York Raymond, child advocate, author and speaker, has inspired children and adults alike. Her stories of families embracing their bicultural traditions resonates close to home for so many. I am elated that two of my grandchildren-Nora and Noah-can read her books along with me. Definitely a tradition to uphold!" ---Diana Garcia-Farias, Director of the Rio Grande Valley Literacy Center

"Insightful, entertaining, inspiring--always ready to teach you something new!" ---Herminia V. Martinez, Educational Consultant