Stories & songs for little ones

The Pandemic of 2020 brought about incredible change in all of our lives. We scrambled to find ways to go about our everyday lives amidst the changes that were going on around us.  One of the things that my wife and I struggled with was something as simple as seeing our four grandchildren.  We were used to seeing them frequently.  They are all under the age of 5 so I'm sure it was quite difficult for them to understand what exactly was happening and why Grandma and Grandpa couldn't come over for a visit.  It was during this time that, 'Stories & Songs for Little Ones' was born.  

My wife enjoys reading to our grandchildren and I like playing my guitar for them.  It became a natural outlet for us to create videos of us reading stories and playing music.  We recruited two of our children to be our Video Producers, slapped up an old backdrop that my wife had created years ago and away we went!  My wife chose the books she wanted to read and she assigned me the task of creating a musical activity or song for each book.  She put her storyteller hat on and I summoned my 33 year career as an Elementary Music teacher and together we created, 'Stories & Songs for Little Ones'!

Our grandchildren enjoyed them so much that our children suggested that we create a YouTube channel for others to enjoy them as well!  Granted, our videos are specifically designed for Early Childhood to Early Elementary (ages 2-6) but hopefully they will spark the love and joy of reading and music.  If nothing else, we sure have enjoyed putting them together!  We hope that you and your children will stop by our YouTube channel, 'Stories & Songs for Little Ones' to share in the fun!  


We would LOVE to hear from you!


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